Going Paperless: 5 Business Features of Mobile Forms

The business world is changing daily. In fact, it’s changing so quickly that it may be a bit hard for those old companies that are stuck in their ways to keep up. Unfortunately, without change comes stagnation and probably failure. This can be avoided with the willingness to adapt to modern customs, however. Of those changes stands the application of mobile forms rather than hard copy forms. Why is that a necessary change, though? Below you will find five excellent reasons why your company should take advantage of mobile forms.

1. Organization

Hard copy forms were the gold standard for decades for good reason. However, as time goes on and more and more papers accumulate, you will find yourself needing more and more space to store them. It will most likely be a bit hard to organize, as well. By using mobile forms, you eliminate the need for paper copies, as well as hefty, bulky filing cabinets to store them. This frees up office space and easily makes the place look a bit nicer, most likely. Plus, instead of having to search through those cabinets for a specific paper, the employee can simply pull it up on their computer or mobile device in a much quicker manner.

2. Paper Downsides

Staying with the theme of the previous entry, paper is simply a bad choice for information saving. Paper can be lost or destroyed on accident. When you eliminate paper forms. you drastically lower the chances of the new intern losing said form, or that clumsy veteran employee accidentally spilling their coffee all over it on those sleepy Monday mornings. Plus, nobody wants to deal with nasty paper cuts, as those are just dangerous. All in all, mobile forms are just safer to use in a place of busy business.

3. Time Saving

Sure, most of us are more than capable of holding a pen and putting ink to paper, and some of us may still do that daily. Of course, some people type far more than using old school handwriting. Because of this, filling out forms by hand may take a bit more time to complete, especially when not in the office. Whereas allowing someone to fill out a form on their phone or computer will go a lot quicker, as that’s what input most people are used to these days.

4. Make a Good Impression

Do you really want your clients to be impressed by your service? Typically, most clients are pretty turned on to the fact that your business uses technology to handle most things. This creates an image of modern professionalism and control that indicates that they will be well taken care of. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all aspects of a company, but there is a rather large one that it does apply to. Of course, I am referring to mobile forms. Which are, for the most part, easy to use, quick to fill out, and generally much faster to examine and analyze.

5. Extra Functionality

As mobile forms progress, more and more features are added to them. This makes things a bit more flashy, a bit more functional, and a bit more enticing to your clients. Currently, mobile forms may include features such as the ability to upload a PDF, chat options for any inquiries that the client may have regarding the form, and even GPS that gives your company some information about regional market research that provides valuable insight into what works in that specific area. All in all, mobile forms are a pretty big step up in terms of functionality and accessibility!

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