World’s Longest Limo: 8 Longest Limos in the World

Growing up in the modern world, chances are that you have either seen or even ridden in a limousine. Limos have always been associated with an air of class and status, although in recent years that association has shifted to something of a party atmosphere. This is most likely due to many limos being often used for high school proms and weddings.

Not only are limousines timeless, but these unique rides now have an air of fun about them as well. Limousines are notable due to the length of the vehicle. The longer a limo is, then the more interesting it appears. In reality, some limos are longer than you may realize!

What is the world’s longest limo? We compiled a list of the 8 longest limos in the world:

1. American Dream (100 feet)

Known as the longest car to be created so far, the American Dream is the world’s longest limo. It was created specifically for filming purposes. Even though it was made for filming, the vehicle was still fully functional.

At a solid 100 feet long, the American Dream contained a large waterbed, a pool, and even a Jacuzzi. As far as comfort goes, it’s safe to say that it was easy to relax in this incredible subject of vehicular history.

2. Midnight Rider (70 feet)

At 70 feet long, you can imagine that the Midnight Rider is a good time waiting to be had. A mobile disco, this trailer limousine offers tons of room to party, while also being stable enough to move freely while the vehicle is in motion. This will allow any passengers to dance under the impressive light show while also being safe and bot having to worry about falling all over each other.

Plus, this beautiful ride is fashioned after the car of a presidential train from the 1800s, so plenty of wood surfaces and class are to be found on the interior.

3. Colossus Limo

Colossus Limo is among the world’s longest limos. This limousine is often branded a “Club on Wheels” is ideal for anyone who wished to add more than a little extra spice to their travels.

The sheer size of this monstrous vehicle gives plenty of room for bars, movement, and even a little karaoke. All of this while cruising down the road in style would make for quite the life experience for most people.

4. The Big Blue Limo

A treat for all of the lovers of the blue colour, this limousine has many of the standard features that you would expect from an oversized limo at this point. Plenty of passenger space, a bar, several television sets, and even a few club features such as strobe lights and neon laser lights for those moments when you need to let loose.

However, something that Big Blue does differently is the overall layout of the interior. This limousine is quite long, and the usage of that space is done well enough to make it stand apart from other large limo buses.

5. Limo Ferrari

This Ferrari 260 Modena was converted into a gullwing stretch limo. At 23 feet long, this limousine has the style of a traditional limo, but all of the attitude and speed of your standard Ferrari. It’s fast, it’s beautiful, and most importantly, entirely original, as well as exclusive.

6. Lamborghini Aventador

Much like the Limo Ferrari, this marvel of a vehicle is built for style and performance. Fast and elegant, this beautiful limousine also comes complete with many features that will make your travel experience as comfortable as one would expect from the standard limo.

The length of the Aventador allows for ample comfort room, a typically stocked bar, and an excellent sound system to make your trip from A to B into more of a relaxed party than a simple car ride.

7. Superbus

As far as limousines go, the Superbus is one of the more intriguing ideas that you’ll find. A hybrid of a bus and limousine, this mechanical transport is also known for it’s speed and horsepower. Built with the ability to move at 155mph, the Superbus will most certainly get you where you’re going as soon as possible.

Being around the same length as your traditional bus, the Superbus can hold more than a few passengers within it’s sleek interior. With the added benefit of so much room for passengers, this limousine may just be better than most buses on the road as of today.

8. Triple-Axle Stretched Hummer

Enjoying a cozy status as the longest Hummer in the world, this beast of a vehicle can be an intimidating sight on the open road. Proudly displaying multiple side entrances for ease of access, this limousine can accommodate up to 32 people. Toss in plenty of trunk space and adequate room to move about inside of the vehicle, and you have a comfy, unforgettable ride to wherever you aim to go.

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