12 Most Famous Fast Food Mascots

You enter your favourite fast food joint only to be greeted by wonderful smells and colours. While you’re in there, you order your favourite meal and your experience is complete with vibrant characters that remind you of why you love this fast food place. Those characters are known as mascots which have a way of comforting you and bringing back nostalgic memories, they are absolutely part of the fun when indulging in fast food!

Most fast food chains have a mascot to go along with branding, below is a list of thirteen of the most popular fast food mascots. Some have done really well for the fast food chains and others, while iconic, weren’t so successful. This list of famous fast food mascots will surely bring back some fond memories!

1. Ronald McDonald


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The white, yellow and red clown that represents McDonalds is an international icon that nearly everyone around the globe will recognize. Some may be terrified of clowns, but something about Ronald McDonald gives people a feeling of nostalgia. Not only does Ronald McDonald represent the McDonalds fast food chain, the clown also represents the charities that McDonalds funds and supports.

2. Chuck E. Cheese


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The rat with a neon t-shirt and fingerless gloves represents the popular children’s hang out spot, Chuck E. Cheese. As Chuck E. Cheese is an arcade complex with tasty foods for kids, to suit their business, he has the persona of a skater kid, so rad!

3. Noid


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Whether or not you remember the man dressed in a rabbit costume that represented Domino’s Pizza, he definitely was a sight to see as he wore tight red spandex. The best thing about the Noid was he promised tasty pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less!

4. Carl’s Junior

The mascot of Carl’s Junior is a friendly, happy star that is outlined in red. The star has gone through many transformations since it’s debut in the 1940s. There is something approachable and genuine about the cute little star!

5. Little Caesar


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The pizza place Little Caesar’s uses a character in a Greek style toga indulging in a tasty slice of pizza! North Americans love their pizza, Little Caesar’s offers quick and cheap pizza to their customers when they need it the most.

6. Colonel Sanders


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The mere sight of Colonel Sanders is enough to make people’s mouths water at the thought of some crispy yet juicy chicken! The Colonel has a unique persona considering he’s an old man with a southern drawl and a passion for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

7. McDonald’s Gang


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Ronald McDonald is definitely the most identifiable mascot of McDonald’s, although, he has a trusty group of friends that stand behind him. Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, Fry Kids and Mayor McCheese are the most notorious members of Ronald’s group of friends. They all have their own unique personalities and represent different foods of McDonalds.

8. Wendy


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The homey, innocent mascot of Wendy’s is easily identifiable with her red hair done up in two braids complete with a blue and white striped shirt. Wendy is Ohio born, just like the Wendy’s establishment. There’s something calming and trusting about her which makes the dining experience pleasurable!

A fun fact about Wendy is that she represents Dave Thomas’, the founder of Wendy’s, actual daughter. Dave Thomas’ daughter was included in some of Wendy’s campaigns in her adult life.

9. Jack


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Jack is the slightly creepy mascot of Jack in the Box. You definitely can’t miss this mascot as he has an oversized white head with a huge smile while dressed in a suit. While Jack was a slightly disturbing looking mascot, it doesn’t change the delicious goods of Jack in the Box!

10. Cows


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Chick-fil-A has a slightly disturbing campaign using cows to demonstrate that fast food consumers should purchase more chicken instead of beef. The cows of Chick-fil-A may not stimulate an appetite, but they did have a powerful message about cow slaughterhouses in North America.

11. Chihuahua


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In the late 1990s, Taco Bell introduced a friendly and cute Chihuahua that loved tacos. The chihuahua was complete with a voice and became a sensation in pop culture, who wouldn’t love a tiny talking dog? This famous dog became a national sensation, at least for a while. However, the chihuahua didn’t do so well for Taco Bell and was discontinued in the early 2000s.

12. The King


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Burger King uses a glitzed out and colourful character to represent their fast food known as The King. The King will definitely make you crave something tasty off of Burger King’s menu, afterall, you deserve a luxury meal!

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