16 Most Unique Travel Destinations in the World

There are absolutely gorgeous and unique travel destinations out there for adventurers and explorers, couples, and people just looking to get away from their day-to-day. The world is out there to discover! There are some places that offer diverse travel experiences to consider for experienced and inexperienced travelers alike.

For the adventurous souls, here are the sixteen most unique travel destinations in the world:

1. Krakow, Poland

Extravagant hotels and fine dining are what await you in Poland’s best unique travel destination. Unlike more popular and expensive European cities, Krakow is more affordable and very underrated. Find yourself a good travel agent and enjoy all of what the city has to offer. Frugal travelers and adventurers on a budget are welcome!

2. Laucala Islands, Fiji

Laucala Island has more than twenty-five private villas spread apart across its northern tip. Although visiting this unique travel destination can be pretty pricey, for those who can afford it, there’s no shortage of scenery and/or relaxation to take in, golf to play, surfing, sailing, and spa pampering to be had.

3. Malaga, Spain

Ignore the expenses of Barcelona or Madrid and instead, venture to Malaga. At this unique travel destination, you’ve got the Spanish sea, trendy bars, and plenty of spas and beauty care opportunities to take advantage of.

4. Budapest, Hungary

A European cultural capital, Budapest is a wonderful city for fans of Western classical music and is considered one of the safest European cities to visit. Cruise the rivers of Danube on a cruise, browse some of Budapest’s gorgeous architecture, or touch base with local foods. This is one of the most unique travel destinations in Europe and shouldn’t be missed in your tour!

5. Bowling Green, Kentucky

Admittedly a somewhat unexpected entry on our list of unique travel destinations, Bowling Green’s romantic and adventurous. Zip-line through the Lost River Cave, explore the Mammoth Cave National Park, visit Nashville an hour away, go trailing, dip 300 feet underground, or get all cozy at the luxurious and historic Kentucky Grand Hotel.

6. Dinant, Belgium

Dinant has a rich history in European architecture, jazz, and a wide variety of fine dining and restaurants. Belgium always gets high ratings as a unique travel destination as it’s too often forgotten with the long list of common travel cities around it. Dinant is among Belgium’s finest cities and worth the visit!

7. United Arab Emirates

No one does luxury like the United Arab Emirates. It’s one of the safest places to visit in the Middle East, has the famous Dubai Mall, and has everything from adventures in the desert to amazing international cuisine experiences awaiting you.

8. Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum has some of the most unique travel accommodations in the world which will put you seemingly in the middle of the desert under the stars. Try sand-boarding, visit the nearby Jordan city of Petra, or camp on your own in complete quietness.

9. Saint-Maxime, France

Paris is a lovers’ paradise, sure. That aside though, Saint-Maxime is way more affordable, not so obvious, and has a laid-back feel you’re not going to get in Paris. Also, you can always travel to Paris or visit neighbouring countries easy. At this unique travel destination, the climate is just as warm and the trip is a lot more comfortable.

10. Dana Point, California

Dana Point is a small town that’s home to one of the US’ top luxury hotels in the Monarch Beach Resort. Set between Los Angeles and San Diego, in Dana Point, you have extraordinary ocean views, plenty of spa treatments, and sunset cruises to enjoy.

11. Kota, India

Kota is surrounded by unspoiled, barely-touched nature in a northern India location that’s a foodie’s paradise. A somewhat hidden gem on the list of India travel destinations, Kota’s unique for its wildlife, bird-spotting, and natural heritage.

12. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva’s a beautiful snow-ridden paradise that is timeless. As a unique travel destination, anyone looking to avoid snow probably shouldn’t hit up Geneva. For those that love it though, the countryside is serene, the vineyards are wonderfully scented, and there’s a diverse landscape awaiting.

13. Padar, Indonesia

Padar is an island escape that probably receives the least amount of tourists among all the destinations on this list. See clean water, clear views, and a location that’s not going to feel overcrowded. Browse any of Padar’s white, pink, or black sand beaches. The remoteness is also perfect if you just want to be on your own and away in your own existence.

14. Torres del Paine, Chile

The Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is the perfect travel location for hikers seeing to conquer a mountain, see icebergs, or enjoy serene, almost untouched lakes. Torres del Paine has been regularly voted several times as one of the top undiscovered honeymoon destinations and is highly recommended to couples who want a challenge in front of them.

15. Monte Isola, Italy

Monte Isola is a city inspired by art, food, and sunshine. Unlike other cities in Italy, Monte Isola’s banned cars from its streets which has made it a pristine, unique place for travelers to visit. Go fishing, explore some of their amazing Italian olive oils, or take in some of the most beautiful European nature.

16. Red Sea, Egypt

Red Sea has diverse wildlife, remote coral reefs to explore, and it’s one of the trendiest travel destinations going. Couples from all over the world come to Red Sea, Egypt to have diving excursions and to enjoy some of the vibrant nightlife which occupies this traditionally quiet, peaceful region of the country.

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