5 Common Types of Transportation Accidents

For most of us, when we think of accident lawyers, we think of car accidents. But did you know there are a variety of other accidents which could result in a claim as well? Choosing an accident lawyer experienced in your type of accident is important, so make sure you ask about their services for the following five types of accidents:

1. Bicycle accidents.

Most bicycle accidents occur when a bicycle and automobile collide. Some are the fault of the cyclist, while others are the fault of the driver. Regardless of fault, injuries such as lacerations and abrasions, broken bones, internal injuries, brain injuries and even spinal cord injuries are all potential outcomes. But because there is only a short period of time to make a claim, it’s vital you talk to your accident lawyer right away after the accident.

2. ATV and dirt bike accidents.

ATV and dirt bike accidents happen more often than you might think. Accidents may be caused by manufacturer defect or the trails and roads not being maintained. Some are a result of intoxication. Some injuries are caused by the driver not wearing a helmet or other protective gear. Injuries may be minor but serious injuries can include spinal cord, head or neurological injury. Regardless of the cause of the accident, if you believe a third party is at fault, talk to your accident lawyer right away.

3. Snowmobile accidents.

These accidents generally fall into three categories:

  • Operator error – a driver makes a mistake, uses bad judgement or takes a risk and was careless, causing an injury to a passenger or other snowmobile.
  • Collision – whether with another vehicle or an object was improperly left on a road or trail.
  • Manufacturer defect – if a design defect caused the accident, or if defective machinery or parts was involved, you may have a liability claim.

Insurance companies must be notified within seven days if a claim is being made. Speak with your accident lawyer and let them deal with the claim on your behalf while you recover.

4. Public transportation accidents.

If you are injured in a collision while riding public transit you may have a claim against the bus driver, transit company and any other vehicles if negligence was the cause of the accident. You cannot make a claim against the driver or transit company if you fall as a result of a sudden stop or movement, where no collision occurred. If in doubt, talk to an accident lawyer to see what your rights are.

5. Pedestrian accidents.

These types of accidents typically involve a vehicle, but the pedestrian is usually the one who suffers the most severe injuries. Blunt force trauma, broken bones, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury are some of the more common types of injuries experienced.

In Ontario, the law generally presumes the driver is negligent, putting the onus on them to disprove the claim against them. If you’ve been struck by a vehicle, you have only seven days to notify the insurance company, so talking to an accident lawyer right away is vital.

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