6 Popular Types of Brochure Holders

Brochures are the best way to showcase your company information and heighten interest in your organization. To ensure these brochures are visible requires a good display that will suit the space. There are countless types of brochure holders of difference styles that can be used. The holder provides easy access to take a brochure. When you are buying a brochure, consider the size of the room, whether you want to place them on the table or have a brochure holder that has a floor stand.

Decide on what will suit the circumstances and what furniture is being used at your tradeshow or event. Brochure holders are made with acrylic, plastic, metal and wire. You can choose the materials that fits within your budget and preference. Ensure that the brochure stand you order accommodates the size of your brochure that you need to display. Buy from a vendor that offers a good price, innovative display solutions and a variety for changing needs. Here are a few options of brochure holders to choose from:

1. Table/Countertop Brochure Holder

Table and countertop brochure holders easily catch your customers eye especially if at the welcome reception desk, restaurant counter or event table at a conference. There are a single pocket or multiple pockets that you can choose from. There are various sizes available depending on the size of your brochure. You can fit a trifold brochure or letter size brochure. There are brochure holders that can be customized for printing.

2. Wallmount Brochure Holder

Your organization can mount brochures on the wall that makes it accessible for your customers. Mounted brochure holders will help you maximize your space. These holders come as a single pocket and multi-pocket holder that works well for stores, restaurants or any space where you want to display important information. The holders offer a small base for wall support and added stability.

3. Wire Brochure Holder

Wire brochure holders are sleek. They are suited for countertops or wall mount applications. These type of holders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that can meet different capacities. They are built with a single rack or multi-tier wire brochure racks suited for any type of office or retail space. These holders can support three or four types of different brochures all on one rack.

4. Ship Flat Brochure Holder

The ship flat brochures are easy to assemble. They are packed flat, but are made to pop-up for different applications. They are clear, lightweight and vinyl. They are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. These brochure holders are reasonably priced. They are great for travel promotions.

5. Outdoor Brochure Boxes

Not many people know about the outdoor brochure boxes that can be mounted almost anywhere. These boxes are durable and weatherproof. They protect the brochures and keep them dry. People can see the brochures clearly inside since the box has a clear front panel. These boxes can hold trifold or any regular size brochures. These holders are a perfect way to reach prospects and visitors even outside the retail store.

6. Floor Stands

These elegant floor stands can support brochures and even magazines. They have a range of pocket combinations that can meet your organization’s capacity needs. They work perfect for reception areas, lobbies and exhibitions. The portable mesh floor display stands can be assembled quickly and are a good solution for tradeshows and conventions. You can get them in 4 or 8 pockets. The magazine floor stands are constructed using solid metal. They are constructed with 6 pockets. Then there is the sleek tray floor stand that has raised sides to keep the magazines or brochures in place.

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