6 Ways to Save Money on Professional Painting Services

Hiring a painting company to paint your home isn’t always inexpensive, but painting professionals charge what they do for a reason. A good painter do thorough prep work and understand what it takes to do high-quality work, so they tend to outperform amateur contractors and DIYers. However, there are still a few ways you can potentially save on your next home painting project.

1. Shop Around and Get Multiple Estimates

Different painting companies will have different rates and may not always charge for the same things, so getting multiple estimates is key to potentially saving money.

If you settle on the first or second estimate, you may never realize that there is a company out there offering far lower prices. Don’t hesitate to ask around and find out who has a great reputation in terms of price and quality of work.

2. Work with a Company That Offers Specific Contracts

This is less of a money saving tip and more of a way to ensure you don’t get overcharged. You definitely want to get an agreement in writing, and the more specific the contract is, the better. You want the paint company to list out all of the jobs and the materials being used so that you know the estimate is accurate.

3. Do Some Prep Work Yourself

If you reduce the amount of work your painters have to do, you can potentially cut down on costs. You could even go so far as to purchase equipment or supply some equipment yourself. Otherwise, you could make sure that furniture is moved and that everything is taken down from the walls, including outlet covers. If you are getting an exterior paint job done, consider trimming shrubs so that your painters can access the house, and if you are able to, you can patch holes and prepare the walls yourself.

4. Repaint Early on

If you wait until your paint is cracking and peeling, repainting is going to be more difficult and will require more labour. However, if you remember to repaint before this happens, your painters won’t have as much to do. This mainly has to do with prep time. When the walls are in worse shape, painters will spend several more hours preparing the walls.

5. Cut Unnecessary Items From the Job

If you are really trying to save money, you might consider cutting items from the job. If you notice something that isn’t entirely necessary, you can remove it or save it for another time, and this will likely save you some money.

6. Choose Your Colours Wisely

If you are repainting, it might be because you are tired of the same colours. Just remember that switching colours might require more work and more coats of paint, which will run up the cost. If you keep the same colour, you may not require as much paint.

Additionally, dark colours tend to fade faster, especially when they are outside, which means you may have to repaint sooner.

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