7 Common Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Well, if you’re like one-third of people, then you may even know you have high blood pressure. This is quite common, but it is also dangerous because it could lead to a series of dire health problems – chronic or benign.

So, how can you get diagnosed with high blood pressure? Well, there are a wide variety of causes, ranging from a horrific diet to too much alcohol consumption to a paucity of exercises. But you can never diagnose this issue, requiring the constant support from your general physician or family doctor.

That doesn’t mean you cannot identify the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure. Here are seven signs of high blood pressure:

1. Blood in Urine

Many people have blood in their urine, but most of the time it requires testing because they are minuscule traces. That said, someone who suffers from high blood pressure may have noticeable blood in their pee that is really noticeable upon first glance in the toilet bowl.

Adjusting your diet is one of the ways to combat the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure. If you are noticing blood in your urine, you should try reducing your sodium intake in your diet.

We get it: Who doesn’t love salt in and on their food? But too much sodium is horrific for your health, and it can lead to any number of complications. It is recommended that you never exceed 2.3 grams of sodium per day. That’s nothing, compared to how much you really eat day in and day out, from the processed meat to the fried foods to the prepared boxed side dishes. It’s hard to escape, but it’s not impossible if you cook more at home.

Potassium is great for both combating the effects of sodium but also for reducing your high blood pressure. So, what has potassium besides bananas? Here is a brief list:

  • Orange juice
  • Greens (spinach and broccoli)
  • Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Yogurt
  • Eggplant
  • Cucumbers

2. Hard Time Breathing

In most cases for patients with high blood pressure, they are heavyset, maintain unhealthy diets, and/or refuse to exercise on a regular basis. Therefore, it is understandable that these individuals will have a hard time breathing. High blood pressure will only exacerbate this uncomfortable issue.

If you are having a hard time breathing, these signs and symptoms of high blood pressure may be tied to your weight. There is no doubt that weight can play a huge role in the health and well-being of your body. When you pack on the pounds and live your life with an expanded waistline, then you are only reducing your chances of either living longer or just living without discomfort.

3. Terrible Headache

Sure, everyone gets a headache from time to time, especially if you have screaming kids at home or the construction on your street is too loud and unbearable. However, a headache from high blood pressure is a lot more severe and constant, making you want to dump your head in a bucket of ice for relief.

4. Vision Difficulties

One of the worst aspects of having high blood pressure is that it impacts your vision. Over time, if left untreated, your eyesight will only worsen with no relief in sight. If your vision starts to get blurry, then this could be one of the first signs that your blood pressure is too high and your health needs to be addressed.

5. Confused

Who doesn’t feel dazed and confused these days? Nearly everyone feels this from time to time. But it can be significantly amplified when you suffer from high blood pressure. You might not be quick to the take as you normally would, or you may not be able to defeat your opponent in chess in just seven moves. If you notice that your cognitive abilities are suffering, and it correlates with your terrible lifestyle, then it could be high blood pressure.

6. Difficulty Staying Awake

No matter how often you sleep, no matter how much caffeine you consume, and no matter how many smoothies you imbibe, you cannot stay awake. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you are ready to go back to your slumber. This could do with your poor food choices, which then leads to higher blood pressure.

7. Constant Pounding in Ears and Chest

At times, you can feel like you’re losing your mind as you hear constant pounding in your ears and chest. It doesn’t relent and gets worse as time goes by. Indeed, if it persists, then it is time that you book an appointment with your family doctor and determine if you are living with high blood pressure.

While you cannot die from high blood pressure, you can perish from illnesses like heart disease and stroke, which are some of the leading causes of death in North America. So, know the symptoms, consult with your doctor, and employ the necessary remedies to ensure you reduce your blood pressure and live a healthier lifestyle.

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