7 Famous Vegans and Their Activism Stories

As the world of today evolves, more and more kinds of lifestyles are becoming truly viable. While a certain way of living may not be for everyone, those who do benefit from living differently may enjoy incredible positives in their lives by doing so.

For example, veganism is a lifestyle choice that simple is not for everyone. When executed correctly, however, a vegan’s life can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons. As proof of this, we will be taking a close look at the lives of seven famous vegans and their activism stories:

1. Beyonce
Considering that Beyonce is one of the most successful and loved women in the world, it’s difficult to argue with any choice that she makes. In early 2018, the award- winning singer asked fans to join her in taking up veganism, as she wished to take the lifestyle on once more. Naturally, she became one of the most famous vegans recognized around the world.

In 2013, she also got her husband Jay-Z to take on a 22-day vegan challenge alongside her. The point being that if Jay-Z can be swayed by Beyonce to try the vegan life for a few weeks, then maybe everyone should give it a try, as well.

2. Mayim Bialik
While going vegan isn’t a decision that will work for everyone, actress Mayim Bialik believes that offering a good way to at least try the lifestyle out is important. In a Jezebel interview, Bialik discussed her gradual transition to an organic vegan lifestyle, which even included swapping her wardrobe for new vegan shoes.

Bialik authored a cookbook filled with page after page of interesting and delicious choices and recipes for the common vegan to enjoy. When talking about the cookbook titled Mayim’s Vegan Table, Bialik stated, “I wanted to present something that wasn’t going to tell people, ‘the way you’re eating is wrong. You need to change it. We have the right way.’ We wanted to present plant-based options in a non-threatening way.”

3. Venus Williams
It is difficult to find an example of physical excellence better than Venus Williams, herself. The world renown and intensely talented tennis player is a force to reckoned with on and off of the court. This is even more impressive when you take into account that the athlete has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Due to this diagnosis, Williams often gives credit to the vegan lifestyle for allowing her to stay in fighting form and ready for whatever the world of tennis may throw at her. She is one of the most famous vegans in the world of sports.

4. Carrie Underwood
Growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood was sure to have seen the not-so-pretty aspects of farm life and the lives of animals, in general. Growing up in this environment is said to have played a large role in her decision to adopt veganism. The singer has a deep love for animals and reflects that in her life choices.

However, she is not as hardcore of a vegan as some people are. For instance, she once referred to herself as a “practical vegan,” and proceeded to state, “If I order something on a menu and it has a sprinkling of cheese on top I’m not going to send it back.”

5. Ariana Grande
A pop star as successful as Ariana Grande can definitely afford to make any lifestyle decisions that she wants. Naturally, adopting the vegan lifestyle is one of the things that she has done while dominating the pop genre with her music.

The singer has often attributed her veganism to a deep love of animals, as well as animals rights. Grande was even quoted as stating, “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding.” As far as reasons to be vegan go, that one’s not so bad.

6. Jessica Chastain
While going vegan for reasons such as animal rights is noble, there is also a precedent for people making the change for more physical reasons. Vegans have said that living the lifestyle has made them feel healthier, cleaner, and even more energetic in some cases.

Actress Jessica Chastain has often noted this as the reason that she chose veganism. In fact, she has been quoted as saying, “I just had more energy than I’ve ever had in my whole life. I was just listening to what my body was telling me!”

7. Benedict Cumberbatch
Wizard, detective, historical hero, and vegan. The roles that Benedict Cumberbatch has taken on in his career are impressive, to say the least, but the one that he is always in character for is the role of vegan.

The actor has often said that the plant-based diet of the vegan lifestyle is one that keeps him in such good shape. Having been dubbed as “Most Beautiful Vegan” in 2018, and seeing as his successful career is taking him to exceedingly exciting and interesting places, it’s a bit hard to see any downsides to his lifestyle choices.